About us

Our goal is
to prevent
situations and
help people
get rescued

Rescue Me SOS was inspired by an industry need to reduce fatalities, compounded by founder Lawrence Rabin’s close encounter with death and his subsequent personal mission to pay it forward and help others in emergency situations. More than 10,500 North-Americans died in 2019

while waiting for help on the side of the road. That’s billions of dollars in social costs, but above all, far too many fatalities that might have been avoided. Rescue Me SOS hopes to diminish these numbers with its portable visual distress SOS signal to keep people visible while they wait for help.


The founders of Rescue Me SOS, Lawrence Rabin and Wally Wolowicz, bring over 40 years of combined business know-how and manufacturing and design experience within the electronics industry.

Rescue Me SOS Inc. is dedicated to rigorous engineering, design, troubleshooting, testing, manufacturing and proto-typing.

Given the potential life-saving nature of the Rescue Me SOS distress signal, there is no compromising on quality, reliability and functionality. Performance standards and benchmarks were set exceptionally high. In emergency situations, nothing can be left to chance or speculation.

Tremendous attention was given to validating threshold temperatures, ensuring a constant temperature for the unit itself, maximizing the brightness and longevity of the lights, ease of portability and installation, and more. The team’s rigorous process often led them back to the drawing board during development.

The final product is a convenient, user-friendly unit that can withstand even the most brutal conditions. Rescue Me SOS’s unparalleled design and engineering should bring piece-of-mind to potentially unsafe circumstances and bring you and the ones you care about back to safety.

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