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Rescue Me SOS


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Details and Product Description

RESCUE ME SOS™ is a unique and revolutionary flashing LED SOS visual distress safety device created to keep you as visible – and safe – as possible in an emergency situation. Light and extremely portable, it can be used in any vehicle equipped with a 12V power outlet. Simply plug the connector into the 12V power outlet and it immediately flashes a 2-way visual SOS signal visible up to 12.8km (8 miles) away in each direction in optimal conditions. Heavy duty magnets and an ultra-durable polycarbonate case ensure that the unit stays in place and functioning, even under the most unforgiving conditions.

The RESCUE ME SOS™ portable device has been engineered with exceptionally bright LED lights that have been tested to last up to 50,000 hours. That’s longer than any standard flare and more effective than headlights or hazard lights+ while consuming much less power.

No matter where you go – city streets, back lanes, highways or small country roads – no matter what you drive – a car, SUV, trailer, motorcycle, truck, snowmobile, motorboat, etc. – no driver should ever be without a RESCUE ME SOS™ in their vehicle.

Product Specs

11.45”x 5.3” x 1.5” (29.08cm x 13.46cm x 3.81cm)

12VDC – 14.8VDC

Unit: 1lb 4.5oz (580g) Unit/Boxed: 1lb 8.6oz (696g)

Current Draw Peak

Additional information

Weight0.79 kg
Dimensions29.08 × 13.46 × 3.81 cm

Safety Features

Engineered and constructed with safety and reliability top of mind, Rescue Me SOS has several powerful features to help keep you and the people you care about out of harm’s way.

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    Long Distance Range

    Flashes a two-way SOS international distress signal light up to 12.8km away (8 miles) in either direction in ideal conditions.

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    Signal lights last longer than standard flares, are more effective than headlights or hazard lights, and consumes very little power.

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    Plugs directly into your vehicle’s 12V power outlet or lighter. If your vehicle does not have a lighter outlet, Rescue Me SOS can easily be used with a 4.8 meter (16 foot) 12V extension cable to be connected directly to your vehicle's battery. This cable can be ordered alongside your Rescue Me SOS Signal.

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    Easy to Use

    Simply plug in, and place it on your vehicle. It’s that simple.

  • engineered-for-extreme-temperatures-icon

    Engineered for Extreme Temperatures

    Lasting exposure to heat, sun, water, cold, snow and ice without compromising performance.

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    A polycarbonate waterproof case and heavy-duty magnets ensure the unit stays in place, and fully functional.

  • unparalleled-durability-icon

    Unparalleled Durability

    Engineered, assembled, tested and supported in Canada for unparalleled durability and dependability.

  • lifetime-warranty-icon


    LED light life expectancy is up to 50,000 hours.

How does it work?

In times of emergency, retrieve Rescue Me SOS from the glove box (or other convenient location in your motor vehicle), plug it in to your lighter outlet or 12V power outlet and easily attach to the outside of your vehicle using the powerful magnet on the bottom and sides of the product. If it is safe to do so, remain in your vehicle, call for help, and wait safely with confidence!

Rescue Me SOS works even if your car battery is almost dead. If your vehicle does not have a lighter outlet, Rescue Me SOS can easily be used with a 4.8 meter (16 foot) 12V extension cable to be connected directly to your vehicle’s battery. This cable can be ordered alongside your Rescue Me SOS Signal.


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